Our Team

Chef Shelby Hallmark

Pastry Chef

A native of Southern California, Chef Shelby Hallmark found her calling to Baking and Patisserie at a very young age. She would work alongside her mother in the kitchen doing anything from kneading doughs to baking desserts. While attending the California State University Stanislaus as a criminal justice major, she decided to pursue her passion of baking.

In early 2015, Chef Shelby was accepted into the The Culinary Institute of America Greystone in Napa Valley, California, where she received her Associates of Arts Degree in Baking and Pâtisserie. While attending The Culinary Institute, she completed an externship with the critically acclaimed French Bakery, Fournée Bakery in Berkeley, CA.

In late 2016, upon graduation from the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Shelby decided that the Sacramento region offered a dynamic culinary scene, specifically with its robust Farm-to-Fork initiatives. She decided Sacramento was going to be where she would settle and build her culinary experience/career. Shortly after arriving into Sacramento, Chef Shelby secured a position at a locally well-known bakery where she worked to become an asset to her team by focusing on attention to detail, and creativity within the business.

Within months, she was moved into management over the bakery and production. In 2017, Chef Shelby joined Estelle Bakery and Pâtisserie, where she was named one of the Pastry Chef’s, a role in which she can continue to share her passion and love for the art of baking and Pâtisserie.